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Readings in person or by phone/Skype

One Hour Reading
A one-hour reading is great if you want perspective on your life as a whole, or if you’re in the midst of a major transition. A one-hour reading can also be used for delving into two or three areas of concern.

Half Hour Reading
A half-hour reading is perfect for focusing on one matter of importance. A spread for a half-hour reading will typically have 3-5 cards. If there’s time, additional cards can be drawn for clarification or inspiration.

How to order an in-person or Skype/phone reading

Select either an hour or half-hour reading from the menu below and then click “Pay Now.” Once you pay for your reading via PayPal, I’ll receive a notification and will contact you within 24 hours (I’m usually much quicker than that!) to schedule a time that works for us both. Prepayment is necessary to secure a reading. Please email me at if you need assistance or have any questions.

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