“Jennifer’s readings over the past three years have provided me with many insights to help guide me through some challenging times. Each reading was profound and fully reflected the obstacles that I faced during major life changes. Her wisdom empowered me and gave me the clarity and solace that I needed to move forward through these transitions. I trust Jennifer’s readings and have great respect for her guidance.”
Joanne L., Artist and Teacher

“The reading I received from Jennifer was truly enlightening…I recognized each card. Each a window into various life paths, the cards helped explain events behind me and in front of me. Her empowering interpretation invited me to experience myself more expansively, and guided me to resources that I don’t often acknowledge in myself. This thought-provoking reading allowed me to access and trust those resources, and feel energized by possibility. Jennifer’s ability to hold a person safely and warmly, while remaining focused, adds to a deeply felt experience of connection.”
Lisa C., Graphic Artist and Art Scholar

“Jennifer gave me a reading that was spot on and spoke to many of the inner struggles I was experiencing that no one else was privy to. Her reading moved me; it was sensitive and her interpretation spoke to me like an inner voice. I was greatly affected by her reading and recommend her highly–she has a deep and thoughtful soul.”
Jaime K., Innkeeper